Welcome to RedPlate Tech,

a dynamic subsidiary of RedPlate Group Limited, redefining the landscape as a pure “Tech” or “Technology” company. Our mission is clear – to foster growth and development by delivering essential services to companies within the RedPlate Group and third-party entities.


Our Commitment to Innovation

RedPlate Technologies Jamaica Limited actively seeks top-tier tech professionals to join our team, fostering an environment rich with expertise and shared resources. This collaborative approach amplifies our capabilities and drives continuous innovation.


Cutting-Edge Offerings

RedPlate Managed Infrastructure

  • Elevate your business with our Infrastructure Monitoring services, ensuring peak
    performance, reliability, and availability of your IT infrastructure.

RedPlate IT Security

  •  Experience peace of mind with our Customized IT Security services, tailoring state-
    of-the-art security systems to the unique needs of your business.

RedPlate Support and Technical Services

  • Address the global shortage of IT talent with our comprehensive technology
    capabilities. We cater to evolving business needs, providing crucial support for
    optimal IT management and governance.


Our services also extend to Website Design, Graphic Design, Web Development, Mobile Apps Development, and incorporating the latest technological trends.

Target Market

We specialize in serving Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) facing capital and human resource constraints, making it challenging to handle these services in-house.

Value Proposition

RedPlate Support and Technical Services act as an outsourced resource pool, positioning our offerings to meet the growing needs of businesses in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Flexible Pricing Model

Choose the flexibility that suits your business: opt for our support and technical services on a monthly retainer basis or embrace the pay-as-you-go format.

RedPlate Service Desk

Our highly trained service desk professionals are committed to troubleshooting and solving your technology challenges. Rely on our dedicated team to ensure seamless technology operations for your business.

Embark on a journey of technological excellence with RedPlate Tech. We are not just a service provider; we are your strategic partner in navigating the complexities of the digital era. Join us as we redefine the future of technology together.

Welcome to Deep Dive 

a distinguished division of RedPlate Technologies Jamaica Limited, and a premier Caribbean Independent and Comprehensive Predictive Analytics B2B Company. At Deep Dive, we harness the power of cutting-edge software and artificial intelligence to provide invaluable insights, enabling business leaders to unlock inherent value within their online business data, resulting in substantial time and cost savings and informed decision-making.


Key Highlights

  • Advanced Technologies:

Leveraging Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing, we reimagine services across diverse sectors, including retail, banking, and insurance.

  • Human Intelligence:

Our approach combines human intelligence, creativity, and courage to make unexpected leaps, broadening our spectrum of offerings.

  • Data-First Philosophy:

Understanding consumer online purchasing behavior is pivotal. Our data analytics and mining capabilities identify patterns and establish relationships, empowering businesses to predict future trends and demands.

  • Comprehensive Data:

Deep Dive’s Subscription Service offers comprehensive reports and special presentations, including weekly product performance reports and Trends and Developments Insight reports.



Our Commitment

Network Effects:

Exploit and generate network effects across the RedPlate Ecosystem.
New Capabilities:

Rapidly assemble new capabilities to satisfy emerging customer needs.
AI-Powered Learning:

Implement an AI-powered learning loop to enhance value creation and efficiency in new business opportunities.

At Deep Dive, we are dedicated to elevating your business through the strategic utilization of data and cutting-edge technologies. Partner with us to embark on a journey of informed decision-making, operational efficiency, and sustained growth


10 Reasons to Choose RedPlate Tech and Deep Dive

Combining the business models of RedPlate Technologies and Deep Dive, we offer at least 10 competitive advantages that position us as a technology powerhouse, providing innovative, tailored, and reliable solutions across industries.

1. End-to-End Technology Solutions: A comprehensive suite of technology services, from managed infrastructure and IT security to predictive analytics, offers a one-stop-shop for technological needs.

2. Advanced Predictive Analytics: Expertise in predictive analytics, driven by machine learning and AI, helps clients make informed decisions based on data-driven predictions.

3. Customized IT Security Solutions: Tailored IT security services meet the unique needs of businesses, enhancing resilience against cyber threats.

4. Flexible Support and Technical Services: Flexible models such as monthly retainers or pay-as-you-go make advanced technology support accessible to SMEs.

5. Integrated Infrastructure Monitoring: Managed infrastructure services ensure optimal performance and reliability, minimizing downtime through proactive monitoring and maintenance.


6. Strategic Data-Driven Decision-Making: Data-first approach and analytics capabilities empower clients to make strategic decisions based on a deep understanding of consumer behavior and trends.

7. Diverse Technology Talent Pool: Attracting key tech professionals ensures a diverse talent pool with varied expertise, fostering innovation and adaptability.

8. Customer-Centric Service Desk: Dedicated service desk ensures quick and resolution of technology challenges, enhancing client satisfaction.

9. Network Effects Across RedPlate System: Exploiting network effects across the RedPlate system creates synergies, amplifies brand awareness, and enhances the value proposition.

10. Agile Response to Emerging Needs: Commitment to rapidly assembling new capabilities and implementing an AI-powered learning loop ensures agility and continuous improvement in services.

Partner with RedPlate Technologies and Deep Dive to leverage these competitive advantages and navigate the complexities of the digital era with confidence.

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