Each passenger is entitled to:

• One (1) checked-in piece not exceeding 50lbs, with dimensions not exceeding 35.5x29x16 inches.

• One (1) carry-on piece not exceeding 20lbs, with dimensions not exceeding 22x14x9 inches.

Additional charges apply for:

• Third piece: $450.00JMD

• Fourth piece: $850.00JMD

NB: Additional pieces should not exceed 60 lbs, with dimensions not exceeding 35.5x29x16 inches  (Any additional pieces exceeding the weight and dimensions will be charged at our courier rate.)



  •  Passengers are responsible for transporting their luggage to the loading area for placement on the coach.
  • • Special assistance is available upon request for passengers requiring assistance with their luggage.
  • Passengers are advised not to carry valuables in checked luggage. InterMetro Transportation is NOT liable for valuables placed in any luggage.
  • InterMetro Transportation does NOT accept liability for damages to handles, straps, wheels, zippers, seamed areas, minor scuffs, and or scratches.
  • We are NOT liable for pre-existing damage or wear and tear resulting from ordinary handling of baggage.


In the event of lost luggage, passengers should:
  •  Complete a Lost Luggage Form available at the stations.
  •  Present a bag tag receipt for the lost luggage.
  •  Provide proof of the value of contents in the lost luggage.

NB: Limits its liability for lost luggage to USD$500.00

  • Transportation to and from the InterMetro Hub can be arranged through the RedPlate Rides App feature.