Experience Our RedPlate Delivery and Courier Business Solution

Welcome to RedPlate Express Delivery Service, a distinguished member of the RedPlate Group. Committed to revolutionizing courier and delivery services, we believe in providing every Jamaican with access to a modern, tech-driven service that prioritizes safety, comfort, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability.

Through technology RedPlate is connecting two sides of an opportunity, demand and supply, enabling RedPlate Couriers and Transporters with spare time to serve customers with limited time to offer islandwide delivery or courier services.

"RedPlate Delivery and Courier Business Solution, a vital component of the RedPlate Logistics and Fulfilment service."

At the core of RedPlate Express Delivery Service lies a mission to profitably leverage disruptive technology, transforming the first and last mile delivery experience for Jamaicans and the people of the Caribbean. Our online booking application for pickup and delivery services spans the main coastal towns ensuring a cost-efficient experience.

Delve into the convenience of our RedPlate Delivery and Courier Business Solution, a vital component of the RedPlate Logistics and Fulfilment service. This specialized service goes beyond transportation, providing unparalleled benefits to businesses and individuals.

For businesses, our courier and delivery service streamline logistics, offering a reliable solution for moving packages and cargo between major towns. Leveraging regional hubs, we facilitate efficient pick-up and drop-off, enhancing your supply chain and ensuring timely deliveries.

Individuals benefit from our courier service with a seamless and convenient option for sending and receiving packages. Whether it’s a last-minute gift or an important document, trust InterMetro to handle it with care and deliver it promptly to your desired destination.

You can also choose InterMetro Transportation for a journey that transcends transportation, offering innovative, reliable, and business-friendly solutions. Experience the transformative power of our services, where efficiency and reliability meet to enhance the way you travel and receive deliveries.