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InterMetro Courier Rates and Routes


Experience the convenience of our InterMetro Delivery and Courier Business Solution, an integral part of the RedPlate Logistics and Fulfilment service. We facilitate the seamless movement of packages and cargo between major towns, using regional hubs for efficient pick-up and drop-off by other transporters.


For Businesses: our courier and delivery service streamline logistics, offering a reliable solution for moving packages and cargo between major towns. Leveraging regional hubs, we facilitate efficient pick-up and drop-off, enhancing your supply chain and ensuring timely deliveries.

Individuals: benefit from our courier service with a seamless and convenient option for sending and receiving packages. Whether it’s a last-minute gift or an important document, trust InterMetro to handle it with care and deliver it promptly to your desired destination.

Our Major Hubs and Secondary Locations:

Mandeville Kingston Ocho Rios Montego Bay
May Pen Portmore Port Antonio Montego Bay- East
Santa Cruz Harbour View Port Maria Montego Bay – West
Junction Half Way Tree Browns Town Falmouth
Christiana New Kingston Drax Hall Negril and Lucea
Spalding Manor Park Savanna-La-Mar



Other Locations to be added.

RedPlate Logistics: Transparent and Affordable Delivery Rates

At RedPlate Logistics, our commitment is to provide clear, competitive, and customer-friendly delivery and courier rates. We understand that the dimensions and weight of packages play a crucial role in determining costs and logistics, and we’ve designed our pricing structure to ensure fairness and transparency.

Scale Weight Pricing:
Our Scale Weight pricing is designed to be straightforward and cost-effective. Here’s how it works:

Packages up to the first 10lbs (1-10lbs) are competitively priced at $500 JMD.
For packages weighing 11lbs and above, the rate is set at $40 JMD per pound.

NB: Please note that all final costs include the applicable GCT to ensure transparency in our pricing.

Large and Bulky Packages:

For very large and bulky packages or cargo, we go the extra mile. RedPlate Logistics utilizes our own fleet of commercial vehicles for efficient and secure pickup and delivery. Your valuable and sizeable shipments are in safe hands with our reliable logistics solutions.

Dimensional Weight Considerations:
We understand that some packages may be light but occupy a significant volume. In such cases, we calculate the Dimensional Weight to ensure fair pricing based on size. Here’s how it works:

Dimensional Weight is determined by multiplying the Length x Width x Height of the package, then dividing the total by 800.

The cost applied to an item will be the greater of the Scale Weight or the Dimensional Weight, ensuring fairness and accuracy in our pricing.

At RedPlate Logistics, we believe in providing you with a seamless and cost-effective shipping experience. Our commitment to transparent pricing, reliable services, and utilizing our own commercial vehicles sets us apart in the logistics industry. Choose RedPlate Logistics for all your delivery and courier needs, and experience the difference in our approach to customer satisfaction.

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